Bringing Calm to Parents of Children with Prenatal Drug Exposure, FASD and/or Autism.

"My kid’s meltdowns are really scary and I am afraid that as they get older they will keep getting worse.”

Have you ever said or thought this? If you have, you are NOT alone, I hear it all the time.

When moms first come to me, they feel powerless and fearful because they have tried ‘everything’ and nothing works. The meltdowns are unpredictable and take HOURS to run their course or diffuse before some sort of temporary calm returns. Moms are exhausted and wearing out fast! AND behaviours are worsening.

It feels impossible.

I almost gave up the idea of having a peaceful home.

Only a short 6 years ago, this was my experience. Daily life was soooo hard, scary, and dangerous.

Frequently, dishes were thrown, crashing on the hard bamboo flooring. I was sworn at and endless threats were made making me concerned about safety for me and my family. I was locked out of the house and my child lost complete control over their ability to think and act rationally. I was physically injured. My son was in the stages of puberty and things were going downhill, FAST!

I was in way over my head and inwardly terrified.

When I decided to hire a coach and get serious about using the strategies and principles that she used, my child’s intense behaviours began to decrease and we started to connect.

My home became safer and calmer.

I started to shift. AND my kids started to shift....

Do you resort to shouting because you don’t

know what else to do?

Are things getting worse?

Do you need a different way to connect, support

and ultimately decrease your child’s meltdowns?

Do you feel afraid, misunderstood, isolated, or alone?

I have a great

opportunity for you.

My 10 week coaching program

In short,

⚡️10 small group sessions

⚡️2 one to one sessions (for VIP packages)

⚡️Free FB group membership only for those in BRINGING CALM

⚡️Support between sessions and so much more!

⚡️ Connection and community with others on a similar journey making positives changes

⚡️Fine tuning the strategies to fit your situation.

What do we cover?

🗝Brain based differences

🗝Managing the holidays - Christmas


🗝Parenting as a team (if applicable)

🗝Screens - transitioning, scheduling, coping

🗝Regulation (co-regulation, dysregulation)

🗝Executive function

🗝Routine and schedules

🗝Heightened arousal state

🗝Safety plans (if applicable)

🗝Toilet training (if applicable)

🗝Sleep (falling asleep, staying asleep, exhaustion)

🗝Sensory needs - avoiding and seeking


🗝Eating, expanding foods that will be eaten, and meal times (if applicable)

🗝Meltdowns and rage

🗝How we impact the temperature in our home

💃By the end of BRINGING CALM you will be able to:

💃Confidently implement the strategies that were taught.

💃Experience less meltdowns from your child.

💃Experience less stress and more calm in your home.

💃Co-regulate with your child.

💃See yourself as a detective and get to root issues.

💃Adapt and support your child.

💃Meet your child where they are at.

💃Follow through on self care.

Have more questions? Book a 1:1 call with me, there is absolutely no pressure to buy and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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